Alpha Global Logistics

Experience in Global Logistics service, air freight service, sea freight service, international relocation service, cold warehouse storage, cross China border trucking service, Customs clearance

As an independent, medium size company, Alpha Global of our size can devote particular attention to details and offer flexible tailor-made programs for logistics fulfilment and distribution of goods.
Besides, we provide ancillary service bar-coding, sampling, quality control, pre-shipment estimating and documentation.


1. Warehousing / Storage

2. Cargo consolidation

3. Pick & pack

4. Bar-coding

5. Repacking

6. International air freight service

7. Sea freight service

8. South East Asia courier service

9. International relocation service

10. Local daily replenishment service

11. Repacking

12. Quality control

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About our company

Alpha Global Logistics Limited creates value for our clients offering complete transport, cold storage, cross-border cold trucking service and logistics solution flexible and client orientated. Our core areas are Southern China, New York, Los Angeles USA, Europe and Asia region.

We have business partner for import – export China customs clearance

Customs broker licensed

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